Stress Management to Improve Efficiency


Ever had a misunderstanding
with a colleague at work and
your entire day was filled with
strife and tension? Had a good
time the previous night and
forgot to compile the reports, got
up late in the morning, only to
find your team jittered and
In a more personal setting, you
realize your partner is receiving
strange text messages and phone
calls past 10:00 am, how does
that make you feel? Or perhaps,
you found your fifteen-year-old
rolling a pint of marijuana in the
basement and you’re just on
your way out to catch up with an
old friend.

Stress is a common issue in
everyday life. If you asked
different people, from different
ethnicities, and geographies,
they’ll explicate a different
experience all narrowing down
to the same thing. What they
might overlook is how this thing
called stress affects their
efficiency whether it’s at work
or in other personal hustles.
In this text, we’ll be helping you
understand stress from a
psychological perspective,
symptoms, and effects, and
what to do whenever you find
yourself drowning in this
common psychological strain.


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