Speed and Agility Training 101


In a world where weightlifting is the predominant type
of exercise, some physical properties of the human
musculature are often ignored.

This leads many trainees to become well-defined,
sometimes even big, and also, quite strong on
compound exercises.

However, the sole focus on strength, strength
endurance & muscle growth, may leave you quite
unfunctional in some aspects.

This is why you should introduce training activities that
stimulate the development of other physical qualities
as well unless you are a competitive athlete who needs
to develop just a couple of physical skills.

In doing so, you will be able to attain a better-looking,
more functional body, capable of a lot more than just
pushing, pulling, and squatting heavyweights.

This short guide will give you insight into the main
physical properties of human musculature and more
specifically, insight on how to develop speed and


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